My Soul Is Yours (Forever and Ever #16) - E. L. Todd

My Soul Is Yours (Forever and Ever #16)

By E. L. Todd

  • Release Date: 2015-03-11
  • Genre: Contemporary


Silke and Pike have dinner with her parents, but the evening doesn’t go as planned. Janice is unable to be polite to Pike and eventually excuses herself from the table. Tensions run high, and Silke is angry with her parents for their unfair treatment of Pike. Will they tell Silke the truth about Arsen? Or will they continue to hide it?

Slade prepares to ask Trinity to marry him, but when they run into each other at Mega Shake, Trinity breaks down and asks for him to take her back. She’ll never love another man as long as she lives, and she may as well be with the person she really wants even if she isn’t married. Will Slade accept her offer and get out of marriage altogether? Or will he still propose?

Clementine and Ward work through their relationship, but when Ward finally decides to tell her parents the truth, whether she wants him to or not, tensions run high. They butt heads and an explosive fight unleashes. Will Ward walk away? And if he does, will Clementine follow him?